Michael Hensen’s “Made for Dreamers”



The artist Michael Hensen originating from Virginia Beach, VA. has garnered worldwide radio airplay over the last year. Several of his tracks, including his most recent release Made for Dreamers have been making headway across the globe. Made for Dreamers, a fun catchy acoustic tune that reminds you of living the beach life is breaking through.

Being a part of over 45 digital distribution outlets online and offline, his music is reaching listeners both foreign and domestic. He is being featured on stations with artists such as Cold Play, Radiohead, Bruno Mars, Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Jason Mraz, 3 Doors Down, Oasis, and others. His target radio play demographic reports are showing a primary listener audience mainly comprised of women ages 25 to 34, making up 64% of his fan base. While the majority of his male listener base, spans from ages 17 to 44, making up the other 36%.**

Having released 3 CD’s to CD baby since 2010, has definitely helped to secure airplay abroad. Michael has also had some local radio appearances on WHRV, and WROX, in the Hampton Roads radio market. We are happy to say that it is very possible with current trends, that it might not be too long before Michael’s Made for Dreamers is being heard on national radio. Michael Hensen’s ‘Made for Dreamers’, a step from dreams to reality. ###

-Source : Output Media, Outputva.com
4968 Euclid Rd Suite B-1, Virginia beach, VA 23462. Telephone: 757.905.2050
** Airplay data based on sources from digital distribution outlets and online radio play information.


Source: ArtistPR Press Release