SONIDO Band is Proud to Announce the New Album Camino de los Sueños


Out In the US & Worldwide on September 15 2013

Sonido (The Sound) is a Los Angeles based band led by Arie Salma and Rob Math.
Sonido play original compositions featuring Flamenco-Jazz-Pop-World styles.

For Multi-Talented Composer / Pianist / Producer Arie Salma, Music starts with melody. “If you can’t appreciate the song by listening to it played merely on the guitar or the piano, something in the composition must be lacking’.
But Arie believes in two more crucial ingredients: Groove and Harmonic progression. ‘Groove comes from connecting to your inner source’. And for Arie, a Middle Eastern native with strong Spanish family roots, it was only natural to follow these principles. Along with American Guitar- Virtuoso Rob Math, they formed SONIDO on January 2012. The result of their bonding gave birth to this fantastic musical journey. Listening to Sonido’s music is self-evident right from the start. The music takes you through an exhilarating experience which is as spiritually lifting as it is multi-cultural and authentic. Rob’s Guitar playing is majestically fluent and soulful, while Arie’s Jazzy Piano can range from caressing and smooth to passionate and bold. And with the blissful touch of some of the most dynamic world-class musicians that took part in this project, the music reached new levels of expression.
• Produced by Arie Salma
• Co-Producer: Rob Math
• All songs composed by Arie Salma
• Arie Salma: Piano, Keyboards, Rhythm Guitar, Add. Bass, Djembe, Add. percussion
• Rob Math: Lead Nylon String Guitar
• John Ferraro: Drums
• Hussain Jifri: Bass Guitar
• Michael Dubin: Timbales, Congas, Bongos, Add Percussion
• Alex Acuna: Congas
• Ronen Gordon: Drums
• Lilo Fadida: Rhythm Guitar
• Mel Steinberg: Flute
• Michael Fortunato: Trumpet

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