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Contact: Adam Sweaters
Phone: (615)715-5309

NASHVILLE, TN – Nashville Mad Scientist ‘SWEATERS’ Retreats to Lab for 12 Months, Emerges With Indie Rock Gem!!!

A 15 yr. veteran of the Midwest music scene and Nashville transplant, Adam Sweaters has never been one to let the times dictate creativity. Chasing his artistic muse and genre jumping with the greatest of ease, it seems a comfortable bed of Britpop, Indie Rock, and borderline Shoegaze may have given him a place to rest his head.

Thriving on a healthy diet of Lush, Slowdive, Tom Waits, Cursive, Dolly Mixture and Rilo Kiley, and under the simple moniker “Sweaters”, Adam has released the “Unrest” EP. Available at, as well as iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify, “Unrest” is a journey you won’t regret taking. From the opening 50’s rock swagger and groove of “Beggars to the stirring Morrissey meets The National closer “Nice Weather We’re Not Having, the seamless transitions and clever lyrics are a culmination of years spent writing, traveling, and simply learning how to live.

After writing and recording “Unrest with the help a few select friends, Sweaters has assembled a full band, including strings and horns, and will be embarking on a Midwest tour in late March/April as well as a two-week stint in Europe this summer. Ever the restless storyteller, there’s a good chance Sweaters will be spinning yarns somewhere near you very soon! ~~~

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