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Contact: Leslie Dalencour
Phone: 571-501-3430

Dance music Recording Artist
Leslie Dalencour AKA “Boom Boom

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Leslie Dalencour Aka “Boom Boom” is a dance music recording artist
originally from Haiti. He now resides in Washington DC and has teamed up
with singer/songwriter/producer Alexi von Guggenberg to create a unique
blend of infectious Pop, Reggaeton, and Dance music. Currently Boom Boom is
an independent dance music artist. Boom Boom’s music promotes peace, love,
and the enjoyment of life. There is no use of profanity in any of his songs
and each one projects a positive attitude. Boom Boom’s songs are current
and comparable with top 40 pop radio delivering a high energy performance
that is guaranteed to entertain.

Here is Leslie’s Facebook fan page with latest news and releases:

Theses are about Boom Boom’s TV Placements and recent releases:

“It’s All Love” to be featured in a new MTV show-Bachata Nights!

Ninas Mal 2 Airing on MTV Latin America Features LXE Productions Songs!

Boom Boom’s Single “Sin Amor” Released!

Boom Boom & GUGG Release “Nail In The Coffin”!

Boom Boom’s official website is
however it is going to be under construction this week so it’s not gonna
have much info available until next week.

Please check out and share this interview with me Boom Boom by Vents
Magazine! Thanks!

Follow this link to the interview with Boom Boom published by Vents

Below are links to preview and purchase both songs Leslie talked about in
his interview. Click the links to access the songs either in I-tunes or

“Sin Amor Remix”
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*Amazon: *

“Nail In The Coffin”

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Leslie Dalencour
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