Aron Michaels… Progressive


Contact: Aron Michaels
Phone: 631-291-0466

SHIRLEY, NY – “A progressive, bluesy blend of rock and country.” Progressive is defined as moving forward, away from the norm, and toward the future.

This is how a music blogger has described the music of Aron Michaels. Playing live for over 15 years in bars, clubs and theaters, Aron has carefuly honed his perfomance skills. Sometimes as the front man of his former band, “The Devils And Doctors” and some on his own.

Aron Michaels’ latest newest release is an LP entitled “This World’s On Fire.” All songs were written by Aron and have been heralded on internet radio and music blogs as “passionate” and “personal.” Aron’s original songs are a mixture of new and traditional country, with a rock edge, the emotion of classic blues, with the songwriting prowess of a beatnick folk poet.

So sit back, pop in “This World’s On Fire” and turn it up to ten. Grab a drink, and chill. Leave the rest to Aron Michaels.

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Source: ArtistPR Press Release