Jim the Boss’ Dub-O-Tron 3000 Press Release


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SECAUCUS, NJ – Dub-O-Tron 3000
Vintage Reggae Sounds For A New Generation

The new Dub-O-Tron 3000 EP, by Reggae and Dub producer Jim the Boss, takes you on a ride through space, time and your own sub-conscience mind. Written and recorded in only 45 hours. But don’t let the short time fool you, this EP has a lot of depth and imagination. The tones and sounds on this record has every element of the classic dub albums of the 1970s. “Lub-a-Dub” is reminiscent of early dancehall. Catchy yet simple riddem with a drum sound we all have grown familiar with. Next up is “Dub So Nice” and nice it is. This track is hypnotic and the use of effects make it almost haunting. The delay work sets the tone for impending doom. The Hammond Organ tone is something from a horror movie. But don’t get too drawn in, it’s time to get back up and dance with the title track “Dub-O-Tron 3000.” Our robot’s theme song. Elements of the electronic era of reggae, this upbeat number is simple yet laden with massive amounts of reverb and delay.

Jim the Boss is a producer, engineer,and organist from Hoboken, NJ. Hoboken is also home of his studio & label “Hoboken Hi-Fi.” Jim started playing reggae in 2008, when he met Gregory Kage (who would go on to work with Studio Two on many other projects) and started playing with a dub trio known as “Soul Minds in Dub” in the streets and subways of NYC.
He quickly climbed up the ladder and soon found himself playing with many prominent musicians in the NY reggae scene. He released a few tracks with David Hillyard of The Slackers. His music started to reach across the world and found followings in places like New Zealand, Argentina, Mexico and others, thanks to numerous blog writers, radio stations and podcasters. His music is regularly played on one of New Zealand’s only reggae shows “Go Feet Radio” hosted by Nate Taiapa aka “Nateness Monster.”

In addition to the Dub-O-Tron 3000 EP, Jim’s company is releasing their first vinyl record release in January 2014. This release is a track sung by UK Reggae musician Miserable Man and features members of many popular NY reggae bands including Dave Hillyard.

The Dub-O-Tron 3000 release is available on iTunes, Beatport, Juno, Amazon and most other online stores and streams.

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