Howard Livingston Goes Hollywood!


Contact: Wes Ostrich
Phone: 310-344-6092

REDONDO BEACH, CALIFORNIA – Howard Livingston’s Key West-oriented song stylings have won Trop Rock Artist of the Year awards in the Florida Keys repeatedly.

He’s not ashamed to say that his songs have a lot in common with the best of Jimmy Buffett’s catalog.

Easy going, fun music that has you singing along with the chorus the first time you hear it.

Howard has authorized the Ostrich to find some smart movie and TV music supervisors who want to add a touch of the Caribbean to a soundtrack.

This music would spice up any episode of “The Glades” and set the scene for a movie set in the tropics.

Listening to the laid back “Key West Time” is like kicking back in your favorite hammock or lounge chair with a beer, watching a beautiful sunset; it just makes you feel good all over.

“Blame It On the Margaritas” takes the fun up a notch. Your project can be the vehicle to launch it into the national spotlight, and vice versa.

Both of these great songs are featured in OMG’s compilation, “On My Way.”

Learn more about that project at, and if you want a CD, just let me know.

Wes Ostrich


Source: ArtistPR Press Release