Evoc Releasing A New Single, “Step, Boost on”


Contact: Jungwon An
Phone: 5088261682
Email: evocstation@gmail.com

BOSTON, MA – Evoc is a Boston-based singer-songwriter who writes, arranges, performs, and produces his own music.

He started playing piano at 14 and considered becoming a composer in classical music, but soon became attracted more into American jazz, blues and pop, as he found his interest in other instruments such as Rhodes, B3, Clavinet, and even guitar and drums. That history is revealed all over in his songs.

In 2011, he uploaded 3 songs at his Radio Airplay station (radioairplay.com) under temporary artist name Bring, although he considered those songs were nearly in “demo” forms due to his lack of recording gears and other resources – now, being shaped as how he wanted them to sound originally, he is planning to release 8 songs in total, in final form.

His music generally derives melodic and harmonic elements that are from the 1940s to 1970s of American music and infuses them with the 1980s’ production style in modern fashion – to create its unique as well as relevant “pop” appeal overall.

Through the song “Step, Boost On”, Evoc expresses the power of being himself, how his “mojo”-charged attitude enables him to be confident in living with his own unique self in this world.
The core message of the song to the listeners is thus, in short:
“Be yourself, boost your mojo, and don’t be oppressed by any social standards.”
To deliver that energetic message effectively he chose to depict a scene of a car race and his “big”, “mojo”-charged attitude toward winning the race – he compares boosting his attitude to stepping his foot on the accelerator and boosting the power and speed of the car.


Source: ArtistPR Press Release