Don’t Jingle Bell Suck


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REDONDO BEACH, CALIFORNIA – Does anyone really want to hear another version of “Jingle Bell Rock” in a movie or TV show???

“The Anthem Is a Gift takes Beach Boys type harmonies to a beautiful ballad that would work great in a sentimental Christmas story, whether as the complete song or in smaller samples, with terrific instrumental/vocal excerpts possible.

Listen to it here:

“Jay Walking’Cross Oxford Street always makes me think of a Bridget Jones type holiday movie. Upbeat and very British pop that starts melancholy and then bounces. Once again, a great song whether used in full or in excerpts for mood.

Hear a snippet from “Jay Walking” (track 12) and other great original songs from our outstanding indie compilation, “On My Way,” here:

As you’ll see, the Ostrich isn’t just about holiday music. Here are some other songs that could be perfect for your next cinematic project:

“Yours Forever is OMW’s Track 1 for solid reasons. It is an exciting, immediately engaging song, and as with all these original tunes, it has a strong hook that grabs you, plus a thrashing instrumental break that’s riveting. This would be perfect in an action movie.

“Chasing After You has one of the catchiest melodies ever, and a unique, extremely pleasing sound combining lots of music styles. It will make movie viewers smile and feel giddy inside.

“Something Under the Sun is a kicked back alternative to reggae. It sounds like the Hawaiian beach where it was written. Nothing complicated about it, just an original song with an offbeat guitar lick that takes you aback.

I’m not saying to stop using tracks from the majors. They became major for good reason. But don’t you want to also give your audience a sense of discovery at every point possible?

Let the Ostrich help you help me help you help me help you. Whatever. Let’s make movie magic!

Wes The Ostrich

“Scoping out the underground.”



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