Hammered By Sound – press release


Contact: Todd Sommerfeld
Phone: 780 621-7307
Email: tnt5150@telus.net

Hammered By Sound is a high energy 5 piece rock band based in Alberta, Canada
They are a straight ahead heavy guitar based rock band. Their live performance is full throttle, in your face, have fun rock ‘n’ roll. You do not simply watch and listen at an HBS show, you “feel the energy and power” of their music and performance.
The guitar is the instrument that brings hard rock to life, and HBS has the heavy guitar attack of two of the best guitarists around. Each guitarist comes to the band with their own style, each is extremely talented, and have great “feel” for the music. James Tokarsky (Jimmy T) is an excellent singer, songwriter, and all around musician. He is the more “metal” rock influenced guitarist of the two. Jimmy sings the majority of the backing vocals and some lead vocals. Chris Twardzik (CT) has influences in the punk and grunge side of rock, and you can hear this influence in his technically proficient playing. The two guitarists mesh well together, feeding off of each others’ strengths, trading solos, and blistering through heavy guitar riffs together.
The guitarists of HBS are backed by the hard pounding, seizure inducing, rock drumming of Rob Howard. The energy in HBS’s live performance emanates from the drum kit. Few drummers hit as hard and power through songs like Rob. Rounding out the rhythm section is Dallas Heal on bass guitar. Dallas is a rocker, playing in numerous bands before joining HBS, including a tour in Europe with Ontario’s Trash Gallery.
Rounding out the personel is vocalist/ “rock’n’roll clown” Todd Sommerfeld (Blade), who can’t be confined by any stage during live shows. The classically trained vocalist is a wildman that can be seen on tables, ledges, or swinging from the rafters of venues.
Hammered By Sound’s music is influenced by all rock genres from 80s and 90s classic rock, punk, grunge, to modern rock. Their original material is varied from the guitar based rock ballad “Losing”, to the hard hitting grunge of “Volcano”, to the more radio play friendly “Always Been You”.
Hammered By Sound has a 5 song EP released in 2012, called “Back In The Day”. The CD was recorded, mixed and produced by James Tokarsky.


Source: ArtistPR Press Release