Marte’ga Pharoah Press Release


Contact: jamar hiers
Phone: 7577352586

NORFOLK, VIRGINIA – Artist/Musician Marte’ga Pharoah, born Jamar Hiers and raised in the Chesapeake-Norfolk area, is well-known to become one of the best creators in Virginia. His lyrical analogies- “surgical” as he says, opens minds and imaginations for many. “Most artists still adding and subtracting, and barely multiplying on top of that. I think Calculus over mafia plots.” He attended Shaw University on a full band scholarship. Eventually he dropped out after 3 years. “Its hard to get the support you need when you come from a black family. I started to fade away. I let all these unnecessary distractions get in the way. Then its back home to the ghetto you go. I ended up right back where I started. Lesson learned.” Eventually, he figured out ways to rise back up to the top, through music. “I’m working on creating a dynasty-type label now based on inspritation of peers. You got guys like Timbaland, Pharell, Dre, RZA. All of these guys stayed focused while striding. Now watch me work it. The first thing you do is trust no one below you. How can a man help you when he can barely help himself, and why would you help a man that isn’t trying to help himself? ‘Careful who you shake hands with, the music business is snakey.”

Techniques? “Not to much on the secrets, but how many rappers do you know come from the streets, study business and surgery, play about 15-20 games of chess per night, and damn near had more model sex than Snoop Dogg? I’ma Street Genius. I’ve raised myself to come up and come out.” Due to his mother’s death in a car accident, he lived with his brother, father, and grandmother. “Yea… she passed at age 21, R.I.P. That left me (4) and lil’ bruh (2) in the hands of a very strong grandmother and father. The situation didn’t really hurt emotionally, I think it made us stronger as a family some kind of way. I mean… my family was raised on Plow Lane- the craziest street in the city of Chesapeake, but now my baby brother is over in California working as an X-ray technician, and studying Nuclear Medicine. Me, well me… I’m in the making of making it. I love creating my own works from stratch. It puts me another planet almost. I enjoy giving the world my taste of craftmenship. I’ll write an album in about 2 days but might not even record a single song. I’ll go back and rehearse it, if its a hit then I MIGHT recycle it until that times come to.

“MIND OF A STREET GENIUS” in stores June 26th, 2013

“PREMEDITATED RETALIATION” in stores Sept 4th, 2013


Source: ArtistPR Press Release