Shotgun Fuey ‘The Real Future of Hip-Hop


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PORTSMOUTH, VA – Shotgun Fuey is the ‘Real Future of Hip-hop.’ Also known as Young Future and Fuey Hendrix, the 23 year old spitter was born in Hampton Roads, Va, hometown of Missy Elliott, Pharell Williams, Timbaland, Pusha-T, Mike Vick, Allen Iverson, and many other superstars in popular sports and entertainment.
His brilliantly blended lyrics and Melodies come from a lifetime passion for music. He biggest influences growing up were CashMoney, Outkast, T.I., and ‘The Clipse. On his 12th birthday he recieved a phone call from ‘Clipse’ member Malice, (now known as No Malice) himself and he told him to ‘never give up on your dreams.’ With that in mind he bought a home recording studio and begain perfecting his craft by learning the art of music and developing a sound of his own. He and his team (Banga Nation) started selling Cd’s locally creating quite a buzz and the group was featured on local radio stations 103 Jamz and Hot 91.1.
At age 18, Fuey left home for Virginia State University to pursue a career in communications but quickly found himself standing out in every rap circuit in town.
He easily won the B.E.T. Black College Rap Battle thus giving him his first taste of national attention.
In 2009 Fuey and Banga Nation teamate Young Hurt released thier now critically acclaimed and classic ‘Fallin Up’ which was featured on the websites national top 8 for two straight weeks.
In 2010 , Fuey, under the stage name ‘Young Future’ moved to Atlanta, GA with hopes of furthering his music career. Backed by and all new mixtape called ‘Back to the Future’ and its driving song ‘Pluto’ (which captured a persona that Fuey had been passionately repping for years), Fuey took to the streets of ATL passing out countless Cd’s and performing at open mics and talent showcases. But unfortunately in this world nothing is yours unless you copyright it and 20 year old Fuey had to learn this the hard way.
In 2011 Atlanta Rapper ‘Future’ burst on to the scene with success of the single ‘Racks’ and would later announce the title of his Debut album was ‘Pluto.’ Despite many Fans, Team Members, and Music Associates telling him to use this to bring attention to himself, he simply dedided to change his name to ‘Fuey Hendrix’ and continue to try and make it on his own right because there was no question the talent was there.
There was only one problem, Not long after he made the name change ATL Rapper ‘Future’ announced that his sophomore effort would be entitled ‘Future Hendrix’ (how ironic). Angry, and confused, but certain the industry had eye’s on him, this left Fuey with no choice but to reinvent himself once more, taking his late father’s nickname ‘Shotgun.’ With all the necessary copyrights and trademarks, Fuey is ready to tell his story to the world and truly reach his full potential.
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