Liquid Peace Revolution Press Bio


Contact: Evan Hall
Phone: 504-810-0041

NEW OLREANS, LOUISIANA – Liquid Peace Revolution is a group of musicians searching for new and unique ways to expand the boundaries of Rock ‘N’ Roll. The band’s origins date back to 2003 when Kyle Deshowitz(guitar) overheard Evan Hall(bass) playing “Black Dog” in their local Guitar Center in New Orleans. These two both felt they had the same duty to music – to use music as a medium for connecting people around the world. Not even Hurricane Katrina could tear them apart. They showed each other new guitar riffs over the phone, while they were evacuated. In the following months numerous kids from school tried to fill the holes in the would-be five piece band but none truly meshed with Evan and Kyle musically.

In 2007, the long search ended with the introduction of William Alber (lead vocals) and Matthew Keegan(drums). Will was a god-send, whose energy and charisma reignited the fire in Kyle and Evan. A beautiful medley of influences from Robert Plant to Roger Daltrey combined with Will’s own unique and (some may say) unnatural performance style made him an incredible asset. Matt brought the music to a new intensity with his blend of rudimentary precision and yet effortless flow. Remnants of the legends John Bonham and Keith Moon are always present in Matt’s playing, but the ease with which Matt plays is unparalleled.

After the tedious evacuation of Hurricane Gustav (damn hurricanes!), the band began writing their first record “Flower Power Evolution” and gigging often at local venues in and around New Orleans. This record was an announcement to the world that true rock music still exists. With its savory mix of psychedelic riffs and bluesy solos, this album was a whirlwind start for the young band.

Jason Percle(keys), another friend from school, soon joined the group. Jason has the uncanny ability to grab the attention of a roomful of people. His understanding of music itself, both in theory and in technique, is impeccable. Jason was like gasoline to the fire, bringing an unprecedented fullness to the sound and chemistry of the group. The band wonders how they were ever without him.

Shortly after this final addition Liquid Peace Revolution began recording “Flower Power Evolution” at a local studio. Their music is timeless, bridging the gap separating the youth of today and the youth of days long gone. Liquid Peace Revolution makes music for the sake of music, which results in a very real and noticeable purity in their sound. The record was released in the summer of 2011.

After coming in 16th out of 12,000 bands in Hard Rock Cafe’s Global Battle of the Bands, LPR released their EP “Sounds of Rainforest Monkeys.” Recorded at Fudge Studios in the city, where Better Than Ezra, Cowboy Mouth, and Rebirth Brass Band have also recorded, this three-song EP marked a new era in LPR’s career.

The band then made a quick trip to Texas to perform at the Houston Beer Festival, their first major festival outside the Louisiana, before starting on their second album, titled “Lucid Being,” which is to be released within the next month. The band claims this new album will reveal a whole new side to Liquid Peace Revolution, and it is sure to turn some heads.

Now the band is booking their first major tour to promote the new album, and they intend to travel far and wide to share their passion with the world.


Source: ArtistPR Press Release