The Band That Will Change The World, GERILLA WELFARE


Contact: Scott A. Kinnaman
Phone: (614) 935-3512

WESTERVILLE, OHIO – Hey you! Yes, you! I know you are bored with the current state of music. Someone like “NIRVANA”, comes around every decade, or so, and saves, and change’s music forever. Look no further, we have arrived! This is Scott Kinnaman, singer/guitar for the band GERILLA WELFARE. As you already know, Punk Rock, and Heavy Metal,are coming back in a huge way, and the extreme state of the world, demands extreme music. We are the band that will change popular music forever. We are GERILLA WELFARE, from Columbus Oh. We are considered a Hardcore/Punk band, but we have a certain something that connects, and moves people of all musical tastes, and that has been proven. We are catchy, straight to the point, and we have something to say. We have a 15 song LP, from 2001, and we just finished a brand new 5 song EP, and it is mindblowing! We are seeking a label to pick us up, and help us spread this art to the world. You can go to Reverbnation, and listen to some of the music that we have to offer. We also have an official website, And don’t forget to like us on facebook. I was told by Mike Lare, of the band Ringworm, on Relapse Records, that if we get into the right hands, we will be unstoppable. Contact me personally, Scott Kinnaman,(614)935-3512, or email us at Thank you for your time.


Source: ArtistPR Press Release