400 The International Entertainer


Contact: Eugene Jackson
Phone: 678-760-6672
Email: msmjmusic@gmail.com

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – Atlanta Georgia is the home of who most believe is the hottest new artist to hit the scene. 400 The International Entertainer is no stranger to the music industry. Since 2010 he has been producing music for the television show Entertainment Tonight. 400 recently decided to come from behind the scenes and begin to work on his own solo album entitled “21 Days: Pleasure Luxury Pain” due to release late 2013. Since he began making this album, 400 has gained the attention of Atlanta with his timeless music and energetic stage performance with his band “The Wings.” 400 recently won “Hottest R&B Artist” at the annual Hot Block Awards and is featured in “Jezebel Magazine” April and May 2013 issues. For more information on 400 visit: http://www.theworldof400.com.


Source: ArtistPR Press Release