PowerHouse Snuggs


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Phone: 6196186533
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LAKESIDE, CA – When your sun is bright it’s hard for them to watch you shine, so like clouds they try and block you. However, if It ain’t in your forecast you’ll most definitely shine through.”

PowerHouse Snuggs,
born Elquinn E. Warner is a 26-years-young father, survivor, trend setter and conquerer of many obstacles. Amongst other things, he is an extremely talented and innovative hip-hop artist born and raised where many would consider to be the MECCA of Hip-Hop, the Bronx, NY. Snuggs has been writing and recording his own music for almost 10 years now. Growing-up in the Morrisania area of the South Bronx (McKinley Houses) during the early 90‘s, this chaotic era brought disfunction to many families. Thus needing an outlet became paramount, and writing became that for him; Hip-hop influenced his life at that time of need. From watching the likes of LL Cool J, Naughty-By-Nature, Jay-Z, Biggie, Nas and Tupac, he began to realize what music really meant to him. For Snuggs, it was more than just a way to live, instead it was a way to express one’s self when all else failed. He learned at a young age how to translate his emotions/feelings through a pen and incorporated the memories that gave substance to his words on a pad. Its no surprise that with his writing ability he impressed teachers during his early high school years. His writing skills eventually earned him recognition on Poetry.com for one of his most valued poems about his grandmother entitled “Good Ol’ Days. This poem was then selected to their Book of Poetry in 2004.

“I don’t only memorize words but the emotion associated with the memories attached to that word or words. Articulating those memories into words, that’s most important to me. I want people to relate to my feelings when they listen to my music; I want people to feel what I felt during that process of writing. That’s real music.

He’s motivated by life more so now then ever before. After being a survivor of gun violence in his neighborhood in July of 2012, spending multiple months in a hospital and several weeks at home allowed him to develop a new perspective on life. Through his music he now tells his story by speaking on real life experiences in each song from his HIGHLY ANTICIPATED mixtape “BREAKBREAD set to be release March 2013. A story to tell is something we all aspire to do and ironically none end with the same prospective. SnuggS brings his own prospective to HIP HOP music and now it’s time that they listen.


Source: ArtistPR Press Release